JP The Stee is notoriously soft spoken so we didn’t know how many words we’d actually get out of him for this Roll Call. He obviously lets his skating do the talking, and this line through downtown San Diego is one in a million. Read up on some short answers and a little bit of switch slappy advice.

Interview by Blair Alley

What’s your daily operation, as far as skate spots go?
That’s the hardest shit. We spend a lot of time trying to think of spots.

Describe what your dream spot would be then.
Somewhere you don’t have to push. Something flowy.

Is there something you don’t like to skate?
I don’t like to skate stairs or gaps.

When are we gonna see the next full length Jamie Palmore part?
Hopefully next year.

Who’s got the best game of SKATE in San Diego?
Well, I’ve never beat Marshall [Heath], so I’m gonna say Marshall.

Are there any new trends in skating you don’t like?
No. I’m not trying to hate.

How do the people that you skate with affect your skating?
Skating with Wes and Tyler and Jimmy, all the Sk8mafia dudes. They definitely push me.

What jams are you bumping in your whip lately?
Rodriguez, when I’m going skating I’ll listen to Bad Brains so I get pumped up. Townes Van Zandt, I’m always listening to Raekwon and Ghostface. I’ve been listening to Led Zeppelin a lot too.

Give us some tips for switch frontside slappies.
Just kind of roll in fakie. Your weight is on your front foot, technically my back foot. Leading foot. Just kind of carve it like you’d carve tranny switch frontside. It just locks in.

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